A few bits of sand at the bottom of a suitcase and some holiday pictures remind us that, unfortunately, the holidays do not last forever. Indeed, back to school season is here and with it, the hectic pace of family life and the nagging feeling there are not enough hours in a day.


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However, organizing and optimizing your kids’ study area might be a good way to make this hectic period more serene, less chaotic, and ensure your children excel in school. From custom closet organization to the addition of shelving, improving your children’s bedroom storage can help enhance their study space. It is also a great way for your family to start the new school year on the right foot.

Therefore, to help you keep organized and ensure your kids can study in the best conditions, we have listed below three back to school organization ideas.

1.   Optimize the Study Space

As a parent, it’s important to try and create the perfect study space where your kids can get their homework or assignments done and avoid distractions.

Whether you have a dedicated study room in your home or want to create the perfect study area in your children’s bedrooms, make sure this space is dedicated to study time only. Not only will defining a clear working space make working more productive, but it’ll also prevent your kids from being distracted. You can either use a screen divider to clearly divide the room between the study and the play area or simply ensure the desk faces the wall. To enhance their productivity, make sure you remove any distractions from the surrounding shelving or walls. This way, the distracting materials will be out of your kids’ field of view, and they’ll be able to focus on their homework.


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Lighting is also very important. Ideally, place the desk or the storage unit close to a window as natural light has been shown to help boost productivity. However, if this is not an option, installing cold lighting will help them concentrate better. If the bedroom is dark, placing mirrors on the walls can create the illusion of a brighter room.

2.   Organize the Study Room

Having a clean desk is another important aspect of creating the perfect study room. While traditional wardrobes are a useful way to store clothing, they’re usually not designed to store books and school supplies.

For a mess-free study room and a clean desk, using a dedicated chest of drawers, a couple of cabinets, or a custom built-in closet can be the perfect way to neatly store your kids’ school items while maximizing their bedroom’s space. If you’re not sure how to organize their closet, some clever ideas to optimize their study space and improve their closet storage include the use of closet drawer organizers, book racks, and the addition of shelving to store books.


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To organize the school supplies, use plastic trays, and place them on a shelf under the shoulder level so your kids can easily locate what they need and reach for the supplies. Use a dedicated cord organizer box to store chargers and all electrical wiring and keep things tidy. You can also purchase letter trays and binders to store important documents. As a best practice, keep top and harder to access shelving for binders, notebooks, or documents your kids won’t use very often.

Last but not least, you can maximize vertical space by hanging a colorful whiteboard on the wall to be used as a notice or memo board for your children.

3.   Create the Ultimate Homework Station

What if we told you that there’s a way for your kids to do their homework without chaos and drama?

It might sound too good to be true, but with a study room, you won’t experience drama over missed notebooks or misplaced backpacks anymore. This convenient option will allow your kids to easily find their school supplies, books, or notebooks, and ensure that they’re in the right mindset to get started on their homework every day. By turning their working space into a neat and defined homework haven, they’ll feel ready to tackle their assignments and might even be excited about it!

At Nova Closet, we design innovative study rooms to help families thrive in their homes. These units feature essentials such as study tables, reading lights, and comfortable working chairs. We can also easily increase storage with drawers, pencil drawers, cabinetry, and pull out shelves. This way, your family will be able to conveniently and neatly store documents and vital supply stash such as markers, post-it notes, or index cards.

For the ultimate homework station, you can even set up up a file frame kit in one of your drawers to stay on top of your kids’ assignments and their administrative documents.

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