Organizing a closet can be a big challenge for many. Imagine the headache that comes from having to arrange so many possessions in a limited space. No wonder the thought of having to share a closet with another person sends many into a panic.

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Some circumstances may require two people to share a closet. A common occurrence of this is between couples. At first, it may seem overwhelming. Putting sometimes countless possessions by owners with different habits and personalities in a limited space can be a tough one. Most people prefer to think of this as being utterly impossible, but with the tips we will offer further below, you will see how this can work with little or no friction between the two persons.

  • Select Only Important Possessions

As you already know, human wants are insatiable. If we could have the clothes and shoes from our childhood, we probably would. When sharing closets, each of those involved needs a proper degree of reasonableness. Selecting only important items automatically gives space for your partner.

  • Label Storage Bags

It is common practice to have storage bags stashed away either on top or under the closet. Understanding that some items in that closet belong to another person means it is needless to go through every of their stuff. Labeling storage bags can help keep prying eyes away from your possessions that aren’t up for display.

  • Consider Every Inch as Precious Space

Even when planning your personal closet, every inch matters. When that closet is now shared, every inch becomes even more precious. So, strive to use up every space you can find. A useful suggestion is using space-saving hangers. These types of hangers are usually slim and can allow for more hangers and clothes. Remember to utilize every available space you can find. Spaces that can be utilized are usually found behind the door, or not the walls of closets.

  • Respect Boundaries

Things are easier to find when you know where to go looking for them. That is the reason why most shared closets are divided, with each person manning equal halves. To avoid conflict, it is best to respect set boundaries and limit your personal activity to your closet’s side.

  • Regularly Weed Out Unnecessary or Outdating Items

From time to time, you will have a change of clothes or move with a new fashion trend, thereby making certain items that already have a place in your closet outdated. Keeping the old and new together in one place is counterproductive, especially when you are managing space. Make it a constant practice to periodically weed out unnecessary items and make room for new ones.

5 Ways to Get the Best Out of Shared Closets | 3 4

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