For efficient and productive work sessions while working remotely, you need a dedicated home office area! However, from location to storage and decor, there are several home office mistakes that you need to avoid.

Though many of us dream about amazing home office ideas, anyone who has worked from home knows that it is not easy to design a perfect home office.

Every remote working professional wants to create an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s not surprising to find the furnishings uncomfortable, the décor to be distracting, or the environment out of balance. Like any remodel, the layout of an office, both dedicated and shared room, is not without some pitfalls. However, you could avoid it if you wish to make the quality of work better at all costs.

Here we have listed the top mistakes we see people often make when setting up their home office and preventing or fixing them entirely!

No Natural Lighting

home office natural light
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Setting up a home office in a room without natural light is one of the most critical home office mistakes. So, if possible, always choose a place with ample natural light. There’s a good reason for that! Natural light elevates the mood and gives more energy.

The fix: If you have the opportunity to work near a window, take advantage of it. On the other hand, having a window directly behind you isn’t ideal if you do too many online meetings or video conferencing. You should position your work area that is not in the way of direct sunlight. An effective home office remodeling tip is to place your home office someplace where there is enough light but not too much.

Inadequate Storage

storage home office mistakes
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Besides the looks and comfortability, home offices also need to be functional. One critical mistake that even professionals commit is not installing enough storage units in a home office.

There are a lot of things that need to be arranged and appropriately kept in the workplace. However, if you don’t plan for storage, you’ll surely wind up in a chaotic environment. And you would not like working in such an environment.

The fix: Make a list of all the items you’ll need to keep in your home office. Then decide upon the storage arrangements.

When it comes to office storage, drawers are an excellent place to begin. They’re easy to put things in and take things out, and they seem clean and clutter-free when closed. So you should be sure to put some drawers in your workplace.

Uncomfortable Desk Chair

Ergonomics is essential too if you want to be productive at your work. But most professionals overlook such home office remodeling ideas. Many make the mistake of using an uncomfortable chair during work. It results in making you feel weak and exhausted and will cause your back discomfort and pain.

The fix: A home office is where you will be spending a considerable amount of time. Therefore, allow yourself some time to determine what you want and what makes you comfortable. Then, when deciding on the sitting arrangement, look for options that provide maximum comfort.

Having a Cluttered Background

Until a while ago, when work from home wasn’t a norm, most of us were unconcerned about what was going on behind us at the workspace. But that’s not the case anymore.

You have to be in zoom meetings with your clients, colleagues, and boss while you work from home. A messy background will create a negative impression. So, don’t allow a piled-up couch or a stack of boxes to be in the view.

The fix: You must set up your home office in a clean room with pleasing decor and no unwanted objects. As a Zoom backdrop, you can use a neat tall bookshelf with a few books, a few decorative items and plants, and possibly storage baskets or magazine folders. It will enhance appearance and will also have a positive impact on others.

Poor Lighting

home office lighting
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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of lighting to any environment. The office is no exception to the rule of adapted lighting. Yet, people usually do not install enough lighting in the home office. Most rooms in the house feature overhead lights that are intended to illuminate the entire space. On the other hand, your desk is likely to be against a wall that may not receive ample light.

The fix: As discussed earlier, if possible, choose a place with enough natural light for your home office. If you don’t have an inlet for natural light, wisely choose artificial lighting to illuminate the environment properly. For your home office, you must have at least one task lamp. Better if the task lights are fixed on the wall and can be angled towards the desk or your face in case of video calls.

It’s much better if you can have two wall-mounted lights beaming in different directions to level out the light and make it more attractive. You might also use a desk lamp that sits on top of your table. These lamps have a great design and are also good if you need focussed lighting.

Lack of Electrial Outlets

You don’t usually plan a home remodel to involve an office or workspace. However, since the advent of work from home norms, people are forced to set up a rudimentary work area around a corner or an unused space in their homes. This unfortunately ends up being one of the most avoidable home office mistakes.

But what most overlook is they will be using several electric pieces of equipment. For instance, computers, printers, mobile, lighting equipment, etc., and they all need an electric outlet.

The fix: Before setting up a home office, first scan your home and mark the most suitable place with many electric outlets. If you don’t have any such place in your home, get an expert to create one or two wall outlets capable of supporting all the equipment you will need.