We all know that your closet is one of the most important rooms of your house, but are you optimizing it properly? As a recent development in interior design, one of the most popular ways of organizing your storage area is through a color palette closet. A color-coordinated closet is one of the most excellent ways to manage your storage space. Whether you have a walk-in or hall closet, you can turn this space into something incredible.


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  • Color Blocks

    One of the first ways you can color code your closet is through color blocks. The basic premise of this strategy is to place clusters of color so you can retrieve what you want when you want. This is one of the most innovative ways to organize your closet since each block can be assigned to a different type of item. For instance, you could give all your blue items to one corner of the room or all your yellow items to a top shelf.

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    Unlike other closet solutions, this design is rooted in convenience over style. While it might not look all that pleasing to have a mishmash of shirts in one spot, it’s a wise decision. Ideally, as you sort these items by color, you will create a mental association with all items of the same color and their place in the room.

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  • Light to Dark

    Another fantastic option for the closet organization is a light-to-dark strategy. This is a somewhat more-stylish approach, which allows for much more creative freedom with your layout. As a much simpler plan than color blocks, it still works very well.


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    It is best to start with white and work your way down towards darker colors. If the colors feel strikingly similar, it is advisable to use a dividing color of the same family. An example would be separating greens from blacks by placing a section of light green in between.

Why It’s Important?

There are many reasons why having a color-coordinated closet can prove valuable in the long run. This serves as an effective means of organizing bedroom closets, walk-in closets, laundry closets, linen closets, and more.

This process makes locating and sorting items much more straightforward and can lead to a more aesthetically-pleasing look in the long run. It also saves a lot of time and money in the long run since you will not end up buying repeat items or spending hours looking for something.


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