Halloween is right around the corner, and this year we are going to help you organize your decorations to avoid turning your home into a scary mess!

If you love decorating your house for Halloween and have accumulated a lot of decorations over time, you might be familiar with the feeling that comes when it is time to unpack them. Fear! After all, it is topical.

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While decorating the house is fun, pulling out boxes and looking for items around the house for hours because you cannot remember where you stored the spiders, or the bats can be quite frustrating! Especially if the kids are involved.

In this article, we will talk you through simple ways to organize your spooky decorations so you can finally enjoy the process!


Invest in Accessories

Accessories will help you organize your spooky decorations in an efficient and practical way. Purchasing matching deep or wire baskets is an excellent way to store your Halloween decorations while maximizing your space. Make sure you choose see-through options as it will allow you to quickly be able to identify what’s inside without having to pull out and open the boxes.

Jewelry trays or drawers are another great option as they will allow you to store your Halloween costume jewelry, quickly identify what you are after and conveniently access it in a matter of seconds.

If you are planning to store your decorations in one of your closets, you can use pull out closet shelving or closet drawer organizers to rearrange your decorations, so it’s easier to locate them.


Efficiently Organize Your Boxes

Nothing is worse than having to pull out heavy boxes from a top shelf and then rummage through it only to find out what you are looking for isn’t in this box or is broken! To prevent this from happening, you should follow these key tricks:

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  • Use easy to see-through boxes or tubs: Using see-through boxes or tubs is the most efficient way to easily locate items and decorations, and it prevents you from having to shuffle boxes around. Opt for plastic boxes as they will help protect your decorations from humidity or bugs.
  • Use bags to store items inside the boxes: Storing your items into bags inside a box or tub provides protection and allows you to group items together.
  • Clearly label each bag with the contents: To make it easier to identify what is in each of the bags, make sure you label them.
  • Write a content list for each box: Although it might seem tedious at first, this will save you time and hassle when Halloween time comes.
  • Use bubble wrap or a padded spooky outfit to protect items: A lot of Halloween decorations are fragile as they involve ceramic, glass, or even electrical wiring. Therefore, make sure you carefully wrap them with a padded envelope, bubble wrap, or even padded fabric from Halloween outfits to protect them from being damaged.


Maximize Your Home Space

Once you have gone through the above, it is time to find storage.

Whether you have enough space to store everything in the same area or need to spread out your decorations, you can use any of your home or garage closets, pantry, laundry room, or turn any unused space into storage. Indeed, adding some shelving behind the door of your pantry, above your office desk, or even a closet system at the back of your laundry room could give you this extra space you need to store and organize your spooky decorations.

If you are big on seasonal holidays and decorations, investing in a custom or walk-in closet might also be a great option as they are usually big enough to allow you to store Halloween decorations neatly and comfortably.


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