Want to turn one of your rooms into a beautiful, artistic, and functional crafting space?

Or perhaps you have children and would love for them to express their creativity in a dedicated room instead of your bedroom wall?

If you are a creative spirit or have artistic children, you know that every serial crafter dream of having their own little creative haven. However, living in a big city you might not have space for it, or you might simply not know how to design the space to make it both fun and functional.

To help you design your ideal home workshop, we have listed below some craft room design ideas.

Furniture Ideas

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If you are using the same room both as an office and as a dreamy crafting space, a home office storage unit could be a great option. Indeed, this type of furniture usually provides a ton of storage with cabinets, draw-filers and shelving as well as a sturdy desk. They allow working-from-home passionate crafters to neatly store both their work documents and craft supplies.

For very small spaces, a folding desk with shelving can be a good option allowing you to repurpose the space according to your needs.


If you do not want or need a desk in your craft room, our favorite idea is to use a kitchen island as a craft table. Make sure you pick one with shelving for storage purposes. Other great ideas include a desk with wood flooring or glass top and trestle legs or even a repurposed industrial worktable.


Adding cabinets and file-drawers to your craft room is the best way to keep all your supplies neatly stored. It is also a good way to showcase your artwork in a decluttered space and make the room’s decorating style stand out.

Revolver Unit

For those with very little space, why not convert your wardrobe into a revolver unit? This way, you will be able to conveniently store both your clothing and craft accessories in one spot while maximizing your storage situation. Our team can assist in working on customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Installing smart adjustable shelving can be a great solution to increase the storage capacity of your beautiful craft room while keeping it organized. For a stylish room, add splash back rails above your desk or table to store your essential accessories.

Storage Ideas

The Ultimate Craft Room Design Tips | 3 2

The way you choose to display your supplies can give your room a totally different feel.

You could choose colorful containers and peg walls to give your room a very warm and vibrant atmosphere.

On the contrary, using subdued and neutral colored accessories would give a more serious and sophisticated feel to the space.

Whether you have a very small space dedicated to your hobby or a whole room to create your best art, some amazing storage ideas to keep your space organized and get your creative juices flowing include:


Using glass jars, pretty boxes or tinted containers can enhance the look of your craft room while providing useful storage. Think balls of yarn, ribbons, sewing kits, pens, paintbrushes, glitter, buttons, or any kid supplies.

Pegboard Walls

A pegboard wall is the epitome of design and functionality. You can choose a colorful pegboard wall to store your favorite items in a neat and organized way to help spark creativity. For a more neutral feel you can also select a simple black and white option to store your essentials.


Cubbies can be a clever way to store your ribbons, yarn, scissors, pens etc. in a neat way. This is a very inexpensive DIY idea that you can even replicate throughout the room if you have a lot of supplies. If you do not have a dedicated craft room, cubbies could be your go-to

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Author: Dilek Tanrıkulu