While implementing an upgrade to the home, most homeowners also consider the impact on the home’s value. It’s true even if they don’t hope to sell it shortly. If not all, most homeowners think of their homes as an investment, and they will love to see their investment grow.

Upgrades do have the potential to impact the home’s resale value positively. While the kitchen or bathroom remodel are some significant upgrades with immense influence on the property’s value, some minor upgrades could significantly push the property’s price. One such upgrade is a custom closet.

Adding a custom closet not only helps you declutter your home but also skyrockets the resale value of your home. Keep reading to find out how custom closets bring a good return on investment if you ever put your home for sale.


Does a Custom Closet Add Value to Your Home?


how much does custom closet add value
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The short answer is definitely yes. A custom closet can surely help with the resale value of your home with a higher return on your initial investment than any other renovations.

Adding a customized closet to an empty spare room can make it appear just like an extra utility and, as a result, increase the home’s value. Furthermore, it adds beauty, space, and a sense of luxury to the house. 


Custom Closet Make Your Home Look Spacious


A well-organized home looks clean and spacious and helps potential buyers to envision themselves living in it. You may not have a large home, but you fit in some custom-made closets to keep things organized and cut out the clutter. You will see its benefits in the entirety of the house.

The right custom closet design ideas help in creating an illusion of extra space. While a custom closet does not add additional footage, it helps keep things organized. This psychologically affects potential buyers, who will see the home as more open and spacious.

Consequently, a well-organized home that perfectly utilizes every square inch of the space is much more desirable among home buyers than a larger house with a cramped environment.


How Much Does A Custom Closet Add to Your Home Value?

A closet remodels averagely delivers a healthy return on investment. Homeowners can expect to recoup around 56% of their investment, adding at least $2,000 to their property value.


Buyers Love the Extra Storage


extra closet storage
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Ask any realtor, and you will know that the one thing that most home buyers inquire about is the extra space. Closets are for the same purpose, i.e., to create extra storage in your bedroom. Buyers see all the custom closets as extra space that they can use to sort out their belongings and neatly stash them up.

The walk-in closet, reach-in closets, and all the custom closets appeal to buyers. What attracts the buyers even more is the kid’s custom closet. The buyer’s kids can utilize them to sort their things out.


Staging is Much Easier


When you put your home on the market, your realtor will let you know what you need to do to make your home appeal to potential buyers. This will include putting away personal items and possibly removing some of your bulky furniture. You might be asked to pick up carpets covering hardwood floors or switch out freestanding lamps to brighten the room. These actions will help buyers better envision their items in your house. 

When you take these steps, you will probably notice that you suddenly have many extra belongings to store. At this moment, custom closets come into play and give you the perfect place to stash these items. Piling them in the main bedroom or garage corner will add a visual clutter that neither you nor your buyers will like to see. 

Paying for a storage unit is an option, but it doesn’t make valuable financial sense if you don’t have a lot of items to store. If you have a storage place like a walk-in closet, that will give you the space you need to pack these items away. Besides, it will show your buyers that you have enough storage space to only store your everyday belongings and other miscellaneous items. 


Custom Closets Indicate Good Maintenance


organize custom closet
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When you buy someone else’s house, it is anyone’s best guess as to whether they kept up with maintenance or not. While an inspection will point out problems, neglected plumbing issues, or an old roof in dire need of replacement, potential buyers don’t necessarily want to wait until they get the inspection phase to determine the routine maintenance.

They are seeing indications that a house has been taken care of and can reassure someone hoping to bid and move through the purchasing process smooth. Upgrades like custom closets are usually a strong indication of essential maintenance. Significantly few homeowners would invest in unnecessary renovations while neglecting the basics of their house. However, this doesn’t apply to custom closets.

Of course, any cosmetic or luxury upgrade such as granite countertops or new cabinets will tell your buyers that you take pride in ownership and have put your time, money, and effort into keeping your house in excellent condition.


Custom Closets Always Stand Out


When selling your house, your primary goal is to stand out against the competition. If you have a typical home with three bedrooms and a two-car garage in your vicinity’s most common lot size, you will need something unique to attract attention.

Please make no mistake, your house will likely end up selling anyway, but your goal should be to get the best price possible and have it sitting on the market for as short as possible. A luxury like custom closets can be something unique that would make your home stand out among the rest and help you get that attention. Maybe you even dream of a bidding way.


Adds a Sense of Luxury


luxury custom closet
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Most homebuyers see custom closets as a luxury. Moreover, they are surprised that they can find homes in their budget where the current owner has put the money into creating an organized and beautiful space. This is perhaps the most value a custom closet can add to a home.

Depending on the features and space, a custom closet can cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars. While you may opt for a budget-friendly upgrade, having a custom closet gives a sense of luxury to your space that one cannot find in traditional homes with reach-in rods and shelves.