Organizing can be difficult and time-consuming sometimes. Running up and down the stairs between bedrooms, multiple dressers, and drawers can require a lot of back and forth when putting laundry away. Fortunately, the right family closet ideas can help!

Further, having enough closet space to sort out all the clothing can be a problem for large families. One way to work out the issue is to set up a single closet for the whole family. Either way, if you already have a walk-in closet, it is better to look out for some excellent family closet ideas.

It may seem a little out of hand initially, especially with kids, who are generally not good at sharing space and often create a mess; it’s possible, though – you only need to apply the right custom closet ideas. If you are not sure, here are some family closet ideas to simplify the process for you.

Easy to Implement Family Closet Ideas

You fancy a multifunctional walk-in closet to store the whole family’s belongings and save space, but you don’t know how to go around it. Further, large families often have to face storage problems, mainly due to smaller closet space. You should keep such factors in mind when you’re designing a custom closet for your home.

In such a case, it is usually impossible to have separate storage units for each family member. However, reserving a single closet space for the entire family has its own challenges. One particular is to organize your custom closet the right way.

Still, with a bit of ingenuity and imagination, creating a perfect closet for the whole family is possible. We will show you how.

Identify Your Storage Needs

Family Closet Ideas That Will Solve Your Storage Woes | closet storage needs
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Before you start stashing your family members’ belongings in a combined wardrobe space, it’s better to determine first where precisely you want your family closet to be.

The idea may seem trivial, or you may think that any large enough space will do. But space needs to be perfectly arranged in order to avoid any mess or clutter.

Best Place to Set Up a Family Closet

Needless to say, a family closet needs to be big enough to accommodate the stuff of each family member comfortably. The laundry room is an ideal place for a family closet as it usually has unused space.

However, if you have a spare room like an unused bedroom, you can set up a walk-in closet for your whole family there also. Once you have finalized the space, proceed with the precise measurement of the dimensions. It will help you choose the best possible furniture models.

Purge Your Closet

Family Closet Ideas That Will Solve Your Storage Woes | purge family closet ideas
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Every now and then, we usually find clothing and accessories no longer in use but still taking valuable space. Consequently, one of the best family closet ideas is to get rid of everything extra.

Therefore, only keep essentials to make the room clean and organized. In short, be done with anything no longer useful from your closet. This way, you will have a very efficient and functional closet.

Sort Out the Interiors of Your Family Closet

Things could quickly go messy in a family closet; therefore, the interior needs to be well optimized. Opting for the right storage accessories is crucial to optimize the interior of your closet.

Don’t shy out to multiply the storage drawers. Extra drawers will compartmentalize the whole closet and allow each family member to have their own personalized space.

Opt for Smart Closet Storage Solutions

Keep in mind; a family closet has to serve the needs of a whole family. And sometimes, the space in your family closet might be limited. Accordingly, it would help if you implemented smart storage solutions to utilize every ounce of closet space.

One way to do this is to use wardrobe bars and hangers extensively. You can conveniently hang your clothes on a hanger, thereby effectively utilizing all the vertical space.

With a bit of creativity, you can easily install rods at different levels. This way, you can neatly stack all your clothes in a limited space. You can further apply space saver solutions such as retractable rods and cloth lifts to make more space in your family closet. Easily adjustable cloth rails enable space to be used at the entire height.

The storage space at the top of the closet can be used to the full with the help of the clothes lift. Further, you can swivel down the cloth rails from the wardrobe using a pull rod and easily take the clothes off the rack.

Install Removable Shelf and Storage Units

For a family closet, space needs to be distinguishable for each person. You would not like to mix up your kid’s clothing with yours. An easy way that works well is to install removable shelves or small storage units in the closet that you can divide among family members.

This way, every family member will have his things sorted in his own space inside the family closet. Similarly, it is also an easy way to create additional storage in your closet.

Use High Shelves for Out-Of-Season Clothes

Family Closet Ideas That Will Solve Your Storage Woes | family closet ideas
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To keep the family closet organized and have more space, fix an area in the closet to store out-of-season clothes. You can utilize the high shelves for this purpose.

Similarly, you can install a small chrome basket at lower heights for kids to stack their things. Besides, anything they don’t use daily could go on the upper shelves for storage.

Additionally, you can allot the space under the drawer for shoe shelves. After that, you can nicely stack all the shoes. They will be out of sight yet easy to access if you need them.

Final Thoughts

The family closet is the perfect organizational solution for keeping everyone’s clothes in one spot, making everything easier to put away. There is nothing extraordinary in utilizing family closet ideas.

You need to understand that a multifunctional closet for the entire family is possible. The key here is the design, organization, and good separation of everyone’s business. However, if you ever feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest professional closet organizers.