Everyone enjoys having choices, and having the opportunity to customize your wardrobe is always a plus. With some of these custom closet designs, you’ll be able to remodel your space in a hassle-free manner. 

You can also customize your wardrobe using store-bought closet organizers. Many firms have created shelving, drawers, and organization cubes purchased separately yet readily assembled to fit together. These practical alternatives let you create a functional and clutter-free space that reflects your unique style.


Assessing Custom Closet Costs


A custom closet can add immense value to your home. However, understanding how far you can invest in your closet will assist you in planning and determining which materials you will use. You can’t adequately build a suitable storage system for your closet unless you have a budget in mind.

A brilliant custom closet idea for your home is just what you desire to minimize the mess when your awkwardly piled cartons, crates, and baskets drive you insane regularly. However, a luxury walk-in closet with high-end elements and a central countertop can cost $20,000 or more. 

However, according to HomeAdvisor, the average price of a bespoke closet is $2,040 nationwide. So, without a megastar income, introducing a couple of extra shelves, drawers, and hanging rods is quite possible. 


Cost of Various Custom Closets


Reach In Closet


Reach-in closets are commonly six by 2 feet or eight by 3 feet in size. They’ll have enough space for one or two shelf units with adjustable shelves and drawers and either one or two clothing lines. 

If you want to customize an eight-foot reach-in wardrobe with built-in drawers, adjustable shelves, and rods, expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for it.


Walk-in Closet

walk in custom closet designs
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Walk-in closets come in various sizes, ranging from 6 by 6 feet to 15 by 12 feet or more. They can also have multiple layouts, ranging from sleek and lean-to L-shaped and some unpleasant dark corners that will affect the cost of your custom closet.

These custom closet designs typically contain various built-in units of drawers, shelves, and storage compartments, and also customizable rods for hanging clothes, based on the scale and design. Upgrading a large walk-in closet will cost between $5,000 and $7,000, with oddly shaped walk-in closets at the upper end of the pricing range.


Larger Than Life Closet 


These luxurious bespoke closets, which devoted an entire room to garment storage and exhibition, feature everything you’d want: a dressing table, full-length mirror, footwear, and handbag racks, jewelry storage, and much more. For instance, if you want to remodel a room-sized closet with custom built-ins can expect to pay $20,000 or more.

You can hire a general contractor for $45 to $85 per hr for a tiny closet or modest renovations. However, be it a full closet remodel or significant alterations, a professional will usually charge 10% to 20% of the overall remodeling cost. 


Types of Custom Closets


Walk-in Closet


Based on the room of the house where the wardrobe is situated, consider hanging shelves or racks on the wall for convenient storage of belts, ties, kitchen cooking utensils, or a broom. Large goods, such as a shoe rack, rolling kitchen cart, or vacuum cleaner must be placed on the floor to provide you with enough area to wander around the closet.

If you have a pair of drawers in your closet, don’t use them as a catch-all for miscellaneous objects. Although many homes have a “junk drawer,” this does not apply to your living area. Giving each thing a place in your large closet can help you organize and keep your space clutter-free.


Coat Closet


While the average coat closet is compact and has little place for keeping many belongings, this does not rule out the organization’s potential. 

Since coat closets are frequently found directly within the apartment or home’s front entrance, the products you store there will be restricted to those that are intended for outside use. Thus, coat closets are mainly useful for storing jackets, umbrellas, and other such items.


Stylish Storage Ideas


Installing a closet rod, wire closet shelf, or wall-mounted hooks are some of the more cost-effective custom closet designs to stay organized. You can also hang jackets on rods and hooks, reducing the tendency of flinging coats upon a couch or chair in the living room.

Shelves are handy for storing baskets of outdoor accessories like umbrellas, scarves, caps, and gloves. A little shoe shelf can also be useful for storing a few pairs of shoes that you wear frequently. You can also store a purse, pre-packed diaper bag, or foldable stroller examples of grab-and-go essentials on coat closet hooks.


Shoe Storage Solutions

shoe storage closet
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According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, the average American woman has 19 pairs of shoes. When you add in my three children, you’ve got some fairly large shoe stacks. How do you design a functional family-friendly shoe storage and organization system? 

Begin by learning about your alternatives. Shoe shelves, shoe cubbies, and shoe racks for wardrobes; shoe storage spaces; and over-the-door shoe racks and organizers are the highest rated shoe storage alternatives. Considering the unit’s cost concerning the number of shoes it holds can help you make the best decision. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, make a list of everyone’s footwear. You should also keep in mind potential storage locations in the house, such as bedroom closets and mudrooms. Furthermore, determine how each family member likes to store their shoes: on a floor rack, in a hanging organizer, or cubbyholes.


Customize Your Closet To Be Versatile 

customize closet
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The term “built-in” used to be a scary concept when it comes to custom closet designs. Primarily because it implied that the organization possibilities were restricted by permanently fixed shelves, drawers, and rods.

Modern custom closet manufacturers have solved this problem by designing closet built-ins that can be customized even after they’ve been installed. Ensure to choose adjustable shelves, hooks, rods, and organizers when designing your closet so that your prospective buyer can customize it to match their desires. 

Because you may constantly change the closet to fit evolving needs, versatility will pay you during the selling process. It’s the most effective strategy to protect your custom closet investment in the future.