Although it may seem like a distant problem, Thanksgiving is less than 1 week away! Especially if you plan on entertaining your close family or friends, advanced preparation for this event is crucial to its success.

Oftentimes, people have the necessary equipment and resources they need to have a great Thanksgiving: the issue is, they are often confused as to how to practically utilize it. Pulling out countless boxes from your pantry or closet or frantically searching the house for cooking utensils or food you want to use/prepare is tiresome and can easily be avoided! In this article, we will tell you 5 effortless ways you can organize your kitchen to have a stress-free, preparable Thanksgiving.


  1. Buy Boxes, Totes, and Wire Baskets!

Purchasing boxes, totes, and organizers is obviously crucial to organization. Color coding these items or purchasing similar items through a set will help you even more. Try to use easy to see-through boxes or tubs, and clearly label each box with its content. Bubble wraps or bags within these boxes can help protect expensive china or cutlery you wish to use for your Thanksgiving meal. These organizers may help later on after your Thanksgiving meal with the organizing of leftovers as well. You can also get a little more specific, such as the inclusion of a spice organizer, which would work great with a lazy susan. Pull-out trays and wire baskets can also serve a very useful function.

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These products give you a specific spot to leave your stuff in an organized fashion. It’s all about what is convenient for you, and what works for your pantry space!


  1. Pantry Organization

A well-organized, cleaned pantry is fundamental to any successful Thanksgiving meal. Go to your pantry and re-order everything, either categorically, alphabetically, or in some other logical fashion. A pocket organizer is a fantastic method to help you do this. You can even redistribute some of your counter clutter into your pantry. Organizing your pantry will make it much easier to find foods in preparation to cook and save you time in the process.

A great way to do this is through a spice organizer, which tends to have a great aesthetic-appeal and is very practical! Try a minimalistic metal one or a wooden one for an easy way to store all your spices.

Ideally, you want the pantry area to be simple, easy-to-access, and stylish. The more functional, the better off you will be!


  1. Purchase in Bulk

Thanksgiving meals can be expensive: this is understandable, given the often-various layers of preparation that go into planning a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends. Purchasing pantry items in bulk, such as food or cooking utensils/cutlery/serving bowls and plates, will save you both money and the headache of having to purchase items at the last minute. This will keep your pantry well-stocked and you Wholesalers such as Costco or Sam’s Club are great for this. Make sure to only purchase what you plan on using, and only after taking an inventory of what you already have!

A great way to store your bulk is with a Lazy Susan. On here, you can load up big collections of seasonings, snacks, or anything else. It has a swivel motion that allows you to spin it and access its different sides. This is very resourceful for storing your food and will make the experience much easier.


  1. Make Your Game Plan Now!

Spend 20-30 minutes sitting in a non-distracting environment and plan out your Thanksgiving in advance! Using a notebook, calendar, and pen is a great way to do this. Start crafting your tentative menu, determine when you will go shopping and how much you will buy, and try to plan out preparation in the days leading up to your Thanksgiving meal. This will allow you to coordinate which pantry items to buy, how to store them, and where to display them. Try to stick to the basics in your meal preparation (such as turkey, stuffing, cranberry pie, or sweet potatoes), and then implement any creative ideas you think of! Good Luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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