Finding a suitable closet designer to take care of your custom closet project needs more than just asking for the price. Consequently, there are specific questions you need to ask your custom closet designer and determine whether they will be a good fit for what you have in mind.

Don’t feel overwhelmed while remodeling your custom closet. Moreover, it is easier than you think. You need the right people to work with. Interestingly, bringing in a professional can alleviate some of the stress with an essential project like this. However, you may be ponding upon what questions to ask your custom closet designer?

Before you meet with a closet designer, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are the crucial questions you need to ask your closet designer to make sure you are working with the right people for your custom closet design ideas.

What’s Involved in the Process?

custom closet process
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One of the most important questions to ask your custom closet designer during your first meeting is about the process. Also, ask them to walk you through the whole process. This includes a consultation to design reviews and changes, manufacturing time, ordering, delivery, and installation. 

However, you need to keep in mind that working with a local closet company is better than working with an online closet company, so it is good to know and expect to evaluate these options. 

What Should I Expect?

The first step to find your dream custom closet is understanding the process itself. Once you schedule your in-home design consultation, your closet designer will work closely with you and listen carefully to ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

Your closet designer will walk you through every step of the process during your consultation, from concept to completed design, and provide you with a price quote.

Furthermore, it is essential to know and understand the process of building your closet. This allows you to pitch in your ideas and work closely with your closet designer.  

Most design consultations usually start after a visit from the company. Further, they will check the area and give you a walkthrough of the complete process, starting from conceptualizing the design, finalizing, and providing a price quote. 

What are the Options for my Custom Closet?

custom closet options
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The next step in the consultation process with your custom closet designer is learning about all the available options. Even with extensive research, no one’s going to know the products better than the actual designer himself.

With their expertise and experience in the industry, your designer may have recommendations you would never have considered. You can discover the complete range of features and accessories for your custom closet when you put together a detailed plan with your designer.

The right closet designer will work with you to find the perfect closet for your home that will offer everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Further, your designer should bring samples of their Product with them for you to see and feel. However, make sure to discuss the colors, materials, and hardware options to get the look for your closet that you will love.

What is the Product Made of?

Custom closet systems usually come in many different forms: solid wood, wood veneer, and composite wood panels. While choosing products made of custom wood panels, be sure to ask your custom closet designer about the surface. 

Is it a durable, thermally fused laminate surface tempered on, or is it simply held together by glue?

How Durable is the Material?

A key indicator of material quality is the thickness of panels and shelves. Some closet organization systems are 5/8 inches thick, while more custom solutions are offered in 3/4 inches thick material.

What if My Needs Change?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask your custom closet designer. Let’s say you purchase a custom closet system this year, and you need to add on to it or make changes later on.

Is the system versatile? Is it possible to add drawers, baskets, an ironing board, hampers, or more shelves? Can you adjust the shelves and hanging rods easily?

What Kind of Support Do You Offer Down the Line?

Apart from contracts or written instructions, ask about the post-sales service that they offer. If a company doesn’t offer enough support, you will have no one to turn to for questions regarding future add-ons or changes. 

What About the Warranty and Coverage?

Companies typically offer only a 5 or 10-year warranty. However, quality manufacturers back their products by providing a lifetime limited warranty. Be informed from the beginning of what you will be getting and make sure that works best for you. 

How Long will the Installation Take?

Before installing your custom closet, it is important to clear the area and remove the existing closet, if any. When you have a genuine idea of how long the installation would take, you can prepare for it in advance. Also, most installations take about a day to finish but could vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. 

Do You Offer Financing for My Closet?

custom closet financing
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Installing a new closet in your house is a significant change. However, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Besides, it is always worth it to ask about available financing before making any purchase. 

Interestingly, financing your custom closet installation may be affordable for you to make your dream closet a reality. 

Programs for interest-free financing range from 6 to 18 months, depending on your location. Be sure to talk with your closet designer to ask if financing is available in your area. 

The more you know about the company you are purchasing your custom closet from, and how they work, the better your experience will be. You must use your meeting with your closet designer as an opportunity to educate yourself, and you will able to move forward assuredly. 

There’s no doubt that a custom closet design is complicated at first, but you need to find the right designer.

Once you are done with the questions to ask your custom closet designer, the next step is to arrange a meeting and discussing what they have in mind for designing your custom closet.