With creativity and advice from storage experts, you can easily organize the space in your small walk-in closet. Follow these simple small walk-in closet storage ideas to manage the area efficiently.

We mistakenly believe there isn’t much to do to organize and optimize the space in our walk-in closet. However, there are numerous ways you can customize your small walk-in closet for a neat, well-organized space.

Shelves, hooks, and storage accessories – there is no shortage of ideas for tidying up a small walk-in closet. As living spaces get smaller, the walk-in closet must adopt innovative solutions to save some centimeters for extra storage.

1. Completely Utilize the Available Space

walk-in closet storage
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

When space is reduced to a minimum, it is essential to equip small walk-in closet storage ideas in the best possible ways so that the wardrobe is always organized, tidy, and above all, everything is close to hands.

You can easily optimize the space with the right accessories to maximize its use. Take, for example, a series of shelves fixed to the wall, which helps optimize space and allows you to organize the closet items in the best possible way.

2. Organize Smartly to Optimize Storage

If you are low on space, applying innovative and intelligent solutions is one of the best small walk-in closet storage ideas. For instance, it is better to opt for racks and open shelves, decidedly less deep, to prevent any wastage of the space.

Another excellent idea will be to place low drawer units or shoe racks at the base and above, at a height that is easily accessible. The idea is to take advantage of the space in size and organize your custom closet efficiently.

3. Install Custom Furniture

If you are redesigning your walk-in closet or building it from scratch, it’s better to invest in custom-made furniture. Tailor-made furniture designed according to the room’s dimensions will allow utilize the space better.

4. Opt for An Open Walk-in Closet

open custom closet
Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

If you are in the middle of designing your small walk-in closet, you can opt for an open one without doors. The trend of an open closet has recently picked up again. Besides being trendy, the arrangement also allows for optimizing storage better.

Besides being right on trend, the small open walk-in closet will give you all the advantages of a large one without cluttering up your space.

5. Take Out Everything and Re-arrange

If you want to organize space in your small walk-in closet perfectly, start emptying all the shelves and drawers. Take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning.

Once done, take a look at all the items you have emptied. Separate what’s essential and what’s just taking up space and get rid of it. You will instantly have fewer things to put back in the closet and, therefore, more room to organize things neatly.

6. Attach, Hang and Fit

Smart use of the storage space will allow you to easily fit all your accessories in a small walk-in closet. Do you have lots of accessories and very little space to store everything?

Why not install a storage panel on a door or wall. This way, you can easily store shoes, jewelry, and bags smartly and effectively. Also, you can add double rods to organize your clothing like shirts, jackets, and trousers, plus organize a separate space for hanging longer clothes, such as coats and evening dresses.

7. Use Baskets for Clothing

One of the very effective small walk-in closet storage ideas is to use baskets to organize space in a small walk-in closet. All you need is a few baskets which you can easily buy from the market to be stacked on top of each.

This will allow you to utilize the space in height and neatly store your clothes without worrying about wrinkles. This way, sorting and separating shirts, trousers, and other clothing will be more accessible and practical.

8. Put Shoes on Display

Do you have a small walk-in closet, and the space for the shoe cabinet is scarce? But you want to highlight your splendid collection, which showcases your passion for fashion.

Don’t worry; get a set of iron rails on the wall. It will allow you to display your best pieces and save a lot of space on the floor simultaneously.

9. Use Curtains to Create Sections

This storage hack for sorting a small walk-in closet is particularly effective for those who cannot make any drastic changes to the cabinet. In addition, they have shelves and racks full of clothes in plain sight.

You can place a curtain to create sections in your closet. This way, you can hide all the messiness and spruce your walk-in closet look.

10. Use Hooks to Create Extra Space

hang clothes in closet
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

You have a small walk-in closet; why not utilize the space at the back of the door or the wall space. What you can do is insert some hooks. This will allow you to hang items without needing extra space.

Hang ties, shoes, or even shirts and trousers. Besides, the items will be easily accessible whenever you need them. To add an extra decorative element, you can choose hooks matching the room’s overall looks. However, it’s better to avoid turns made of metals as they can damage clothing items. Instead, go for hooks made of plastic or wood.

11. Make the Closet Space Flexible for Storage

A walk-in closet often needs to change over time. Your usage might change, you might need space for more people down the line, etc. Therefore you should design your custom closet to adjust to the storage demand.

The idea is to arrange the space in a modular way. At the same time, it won’t do any good if there is rigid storage space. Instead, installing storage accessories that could adjust to the demand, such as baskets and removable shelves, could be installed and removed depending upon the need.