When your piled crates, bins, and boxes start driving you crazy every day, a custom closet in Fredericksburg can be just what you need to cut the chaos. Not only does it add functionality to your lifestyle but a custom closet also adds value to your home.

While you can pay $20,000 or beyond for a walk-in closet with high-end materials and a center island, but adding a few more shelves, drawers, and hanging rods are undoubtedly more doable without a high budget as well.

This guide will walk you through the typical cost of a custom closet in Fredericksburg based on size and the level of add-ons you desire. 

Custom Bedroom Closet Cost

bedroom custom closet
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There’s a clear difference between having a custom closet professionally installed and customizing your closet using DIY shelving from a home improvement store, both in cost and quality. 

Although both can get your closet organized, only a professional closet has the potential to increase your home’s value. Further, a good custom closet has to have a variety of built-in shelving and drawers compared to the mass-produced wire shelving. 

Besides, all open shelving tends to make a closet more cluttered and chaotic, whereas a well-designed custom closet controls and conceals the chaos. 

Cost of Custom Closet in Fredericksburg Per Linear Foot

The cost of a custom closet in Fredericksburg depends on your design and material choices. While broad level cost estimates are a good starting point, you can get more precise by look at the cost of your custom closet cost per linear square footage/ 

Wall Mount Custom Closet Costs 

  • Standard color and design: $140 per linear foot
  • Standard color with accessories: $180 per linear foot
  • Upgraded color and design: $215 per linear foot
  • Upgraded color with accessories: $245 per linear foot

Floor Mount Custom Closet Costs

  • Standard paint and style: $210 per linear foot
  • Standard paint with accessories: $240 per linear foot
  • Upgraded paint and design: $250 per linear foot
  • Upgraded paint with accessories: $290 per linear foot
  • Premium paint and design with accessories: $350 per linear foot

Cost of Custom Closet Based on Closet Type

cost custom closet Fredericksburg
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Price ranges for custom closets in Fredericksburg are broad because size and style influence the cost. It also includes whether it is a walk-in custom closet or reach-in. 

Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closets in Fredericksburg usually measure 6 by 2 feet or 8 by 3 feet. Besides, they have room for one or two shelving units with customizable shelves and drawers, along with one or two rods for hanging clothes. 

Customizing an 8 by 3 feet reach-in closet with built-in drawers and adjustable shelving will run you closer to the range of $1,500 to $2,500. 

Standard Walk-in Closet

Admittedly, walk-in closets vary in size, from the small end at 6 by 6 feet to 15 feet by 12 feet or larger. Further, they can vary in layout, from long to lean and L-shaped. Nonetheless, many include some awkward nooks and crannies that can impact your custom closet costs. 

Depending on the shape and size, these custom closets tend to have room for multiple built-in drawer units, shelves, and storage cupboards, along with customizable rods for hanging clothes. 

Homeowners can easily customize a large walk-in closet in Friedricksbrug for around $5,000 to $7.500. However, oddly-shaped walk-in closets are sure to cost more. 

Dressing Room Closet

A dressing room closet is a luxury custom closet that dedicates a whole room to store and display clothing. 

It will have everything you can imagine: a full-length mirror, a dressing table, display shelves for handbags and shoes, jewelry storage, and more. You can expect a luxury room closet for around $20,000 or more.