We usually take the closet for granted without considering the design, dimensions, and layout. In the excitement of designing a closet, people often commit several custom closet mistakes, which later prove detrimental to the functionality and aesthetics.

Designing a custom closet is a challenging task. By going too fast, you risk overlooking your needs and neglecting your budget. Instead, you need to carefully assess your requirements, the kind of environment you have, and the space for your future closet.

Having a clear picture of everything will help you avoid the custom-closet design pitfalls, which could otherwise prove detrimental to the interior and heavy to your pocket.

Not Planning for the Custom Closet

A custom closet can add a lot of value to your home. However, not creating a plan is one of the top custom closet mistakes that you can make and it will significantly affect the outcome. Homeowners usually just grab the first design or recommendation and start with their custom closet fittings and installation. The result is often far from their expectations.

You need to understand that any piece of furniture requires a phase of reflection and consideration to end up with the right design and construction. It applies to custom-made closets as well. It would be best to write the objective you have for the custom build closet and take it from there. You should start by asking yourself about your needs and budget. You should also consider the storage needs and the room where you want to install the closet.

Next, create a rough sketch of the layout you want. It will help you visualize the end result and better optimize the space. Also, it will help you better convey the design you have in your mind to a custom closet company near you.

Not Taking Into Account the Dimensions

Custom Closet Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs! | custom closet dimensions

Another prevalent mistake that most people make with their custom closets is the dimensions. It often happens that homeowners overlook entirely the dimensions of the space where they want to install the closet.

The result is oversized or undersized furniture, out of sync with the room’s environment, and not so functional. Or the thickness of the material is not taken into account. The end result is a closet not at all of the size or dimensions that you hoped for. Another widespread error, when it comes to dimensions, is not considering the safety margin while taking the measurements.

What you have is a closet with perfect dimensions, but which is impossible to install in the concerning layout. So, before giving the go-ahead for your custom closet, make sure that you have correctly considered the dimensions.

Taking the correct measurements is an essential criterion for the successful installation of a custom-designed closet. Therefore, you must ensure that the closet respects the dimensions of its future location. Doing this will help with your closet organization down the line.

Overlooking the Environment of The Room

Custom Closet Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs! | custom closet mistakes dimensions

Overlooking the room’s environment is among the most common custom closet mistakes. While you might not realize it early, it creates tons of issues later. Do you have any electric outlets in the place where you intend to install the closet? Will it interfere during the installation of the furniture? Cables or any previous installations on the wall? Anything else on the wall or on the floor that would create a hindrance while positioning the closet?

Though the questions seem trivial, these are easy to overlook and happen quite often. People usually forget these crucial aspects and the installation of the furniture becomes a nightmare.

You need to closely inspect the area where you want to install your made-to-measure closet. Locate everything that could prevent the installation and make upfront arrangements to make your closet positioning seamless and uneventful.

Undermining the Choice of Material

The choice of the material plays a huge role in the end design and durability of the custom closet. Still, it is common that homeowners do not give enough thought to material or compromise with the quality to save a few bucks.

However, you should never make the mistake of favoring storage space and size over the quality of the product. A good closet should be robust and have an aesthetic appeal to be able to meet your expectations.

It should be durable enough to last long and be a profitable investment. Next is the design aspect, which should be in sync with the interior of the house. It would be better to use the same material as other furniture in your home to bring continuity to the interior.

Overlooking the Functionality

Custom Closet Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs! | functionality of custom closets

If you need the closet to be sturdy and sparkling from the outside, the inside must be functional and tidy. Nevertheless, you are installing a closet because you have things to store. But most people overlook what they will be keeping in the closet. The result is a closet devoid of storage space, shelves, and racks necessary to store the necessary objects.

Therefore, before you embark on designing your custom-made closet, take the time to consider the contents that will be filling the closet. Design the closet by creating additional storage space in your closet.

You should know that the layout of the closet differs, depending on the content. For instance, a kitchen closet needs plenty of drawers to store the cutlery and other accessories.

Therefore, relying on the quality of the material is not enough. If the design is not functional, you won’t be able to use the closet efficiently.

Not Giving Enough Thought to The Finish

Indeed, a custom-made closet is mostly about practicality, but it’s also a question of aesthetics. After all, it will be a prominent element in the room it is installed in, so it has to be appealing too.

The finish of the tailor-made closet is as critical as the design and functionality. Ignoring either of these is among the most critical custom closet mistakes. It has to be nice and adapt to the environment of the decor. The facade, the door, and the handles must be in good shape when you’re designing your custom closet.

So, do not skip the finish to favor practicality. You should have a combination of both that complement each other so that you have a storage that is as beautiful as it is functional.