When it comes to choosing custom closets in Fredericksburg, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends. Whether you are doing a design refresh on your home or looking to add extra storage to attract potential homebuyers, closets are essential when it comes to making a significant impression.

However, updating your custom closets in Fredericksburg to match the latest trends is simple, fun, and affordable for every budget. Here we have put together some of the top trends for custom closets in Fredericksburg. 


Understand Colors and Make Accents Stand Out

Going big with bold wallpaper and bright colors in rooms is one of the top trends for custom closets in Fredericksburg. However, going big with your walls means you need something unusual to balance things out. That’s where neutral tones like gray, white, and off-white stand out as the perfect choice for your custom closet unit.

Gray and earth tones are making a big comeback this year as designers strike an equilibrium between bold fixtures, wallpaper, and subtle colors for closets and other furniture. 


Go Glam With Gold

gold closet design
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

This top trend for custom closets in Fredericksburg will make a statement with your hardware. Here we are talking about the handles, racks, knobs, brackets, valet rods, and more. Further, adding an accent with your hardware is a great way to add that extra “pop” to your closet.

Gold is a trendy accent color for custom closets this year. The color carries a classic look with it. You can give your room a luxurious feel with gold hardware to add a sense of luxury to your custom closet. 


Play With Textures 

Playing with textures is a beautiful way to add a little extra to any room. Working with different textures subtly can spruce up the look and feel of your space without necessarily having to reinvent the entire room. 

Another excellent way to add some flare to your custom closet is through various options for door fronts. By including clear and fluted glass into your doors, your new closet will elevate to a new level and show your clothes in their best light. 


Transform Extra Space Into a Closet

extra space custom closet
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Another top trend for custom closets in Fredericksburg makes sure that you maximize your available space by turning an extra room into a closet. 

By adding the right custom organization system, you can turn any room into a closet to amaze your guests. For instance, you can consider that extra bedroom since the kids moved away

Installing a complete organization system and adding an island alongside can spruce up that space room into a walk-in closet of your dreams. 

Moreover, the same stands true for your attic. Converting your attic into a walk-in closet is an incredible way to make the most of this underused space. 


Add The Right Light Fixtures

Top trends for custom closets in Fredericksburg are pointing towards bright and cool lighting fixtures hung inside around the room. 

Hanging bulbs and gallery lights are once again returning to popularity. Further, LED lights are taking the place of yellow bulbs, and large windows are taking prevalence over lighting whenever possible.

You can try to install more excellent bulbs, large windows, and gallery lighting options. However, if you find any difficulty brightening up your custom closet, you can contact your nearest Home Improvement Shop to find the best deals and ideas.