A well-designed closet not only looks nicer but also makes your life better. Just finding things quickly can help you save endless time and frustration searching for what you need.

Further, when you can see everything at a glance, you can design your custom closet better. Whether you have a small wall closet, a walk-in, or a full dressing room, here are some ideas for custom closets in Chantilly, VA, to help. 


Start with Your Needs

custom closet needs

Your pet peeves with your current storage can be helpful when it comes to ideas for custom closets in Chantilly. Think about everything that is not working well and write it down.

Once you clearly understand the problem, it is easier to start working on the solution. Then consider what items you want to store. However, this will depend on how much space you have. For instance, are you show-obsessed and need racks for your footwear collection? 

Do you wear a lot of long dresses and skirts that need a taller space? Or do you need lots of shallow drawers for accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, and bangles? Grouping items together by type or shape will tell you what storage features you need. 

For instance, if you like to plan your outfit for the next day, an extendable valet pole will keep everything neat until you are ready to put it on. If you need a spot to put things like jeans that have been worn but aren’t prepared for the laundry, a cubby may be the way to go for. 

Finally, if you need to have your workout wear and gym bag ready, a shelf or cabinet will allow you to plan for your unique lifestyle. 


Add an Island

In walk-in closets, an island can create a space where drawers make sense. Moreover, it keeps wall space for hanger bars, mirrors, shoe racks, and other features that make sense in that location. 

The top of an island also provides space for jewelry storage, hat stands, and decorative items. 


Customize Lighting

lighting ideas custom closets Chantilly

Great storage is the key, but you will still need to see items clearly. Therefore, adding the right lighting is one of the top ideas for custom closets in Chantilly.

In a custom walk-in closet, great lighting is really the key. Don’t go with single center light; try and have lights angled at all areas of the closet. This will help you see colors properly and see into bins and drawers. 


Consider Colors

Think about how different colors make you feel when determining materials for your closet and paint. Lighter, neutral greys, and beiges are either restful or boring, depending on your personality. On the other hand, bold colors can be stimulating for some and overwhelming for others.

If your closet is in your bedroom, make sure you color coordinate your closet but keep some contrast in. Sometimes contrast can be refreshing in a custom closet. 


Think Outside the Box

There are several ideas for custom closets in Chantilly, especially when it comes to storage for your closet. For instance, you can also use a tie rack for hanging necklaces, scarves, or belts. A jewelry tray can contain your cocks. Also, you can use baskets for almost anything that can’t hang up, including sweaters.